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Personal Philosophyってなに?

personal philosophy


たとえば幼稚園の自分の教室のかべに貼って、保護者の人たちに読んでもらうPersonal Philosophy もそのうちの一つです。

Personal Philosophyとは?





  • 保育士として子どもたち、家族に何を提供してあげられるか
  • お子さんを預けてくれている家族との接し方について
  • 保育士としてどのように子どもに接しているか
  • 保育士としてどのようなことに毎日心がけているか


  • I believe~(~と信じています)

I thinkよりさらに強い

  • I strive~(努力します)
  • I commit~(専心します)



My Personal Philosophy

As an Early Childcare Educator,I believe that I have a great responsibility to provide positive learning experiences for each child, and it is a privilege to encounter child’s milestones and progress day by day.

Each child is unique,capable and active learner.I believe that caring,trusting relationships are significance in the early childhood education and that children learn best when they feel valued,respected,safe and secure.I strive to provide learning environments that are secure and flexible,so children can participate in variety of rich and meaningful experiences.I will provide opportunities for children to revisit their ideas and extend their thinking through open-ended questions and feedback. Through a child-centered approach, each child is able to develop their full potential and beyond.

I also believe that positive relationship with families,educators and communities are essential in every child’s development. I will build a close,respectful relationships with children and families and aim to work in collaboration with families to gain knowledge and better understanding of their child. I believe that each child’s current knowledge,strength,ideas,culture,abilities and interests are the foundation of the program. I will assess and evaluate each child’s learning and development as part of an ongoing cycle of observation,documentation,planning,implantation and reflection. I will inform about the program and children’s progress and strive to develop and maintain respectful relationships with families.

I endeavor to implement an educational program and environment that reflects each child’s interests,learning and development through play.I will follow and valued that service’s philosophy,approved  framework and theorists.

I ma committed to continuous personal and professional improvement,so I can provide high quality education and care for children and families.


Personal Philosophy には、これが正解!というのはありませんし、個人的な視点で書くので人それぞれの個性もでるものです。ぜひ参考にしてみてくださいね。



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